learn to create amazing direct marketing copy, write FULL TIME, travel + live the life of your dreams

Like many hopeful writers, you've most likely experienced the pain of working at your craft all day and all night, but never getting paid for it. It sucks, right?

You look around you – at blogs, at social media, heck, even at the flyers in that diner you like – and it seems like the whole world makes a living with the written word.

So why not you? 

Why oh WHY does [insert higher power or entropy or Other Thing You Believe Governs the Universe] punish the good??

Why does it feel like you're the only one stuck in your wage job, folding shirts at a clothing store for high schoolers? Setting appointments for marketers but never Doing The Thing yourself? Trying YET ANOTHER internship in the hopes that this time, oh please this time, you'll make it?

... I know, man. It's seriously the worst, but the good news is: It's not forever. I've been there, and I figured out how to break free. Now I write all day, every day, and make amazing money doing it.

You can too.

... No, Really. You Can Get Paid to Write.

What if you ...

... could spend all day, every day in front of your keyboard (or journal), working from the comfort of your own home?

... could set your own hours, make smoothies in the afternoon and read trashy romance novels whenever you wanted? (No? Just me?)

... and could earn the freedom to charge what you're worth, say no to assignments and clients that don't fit your vision, and contribute something meaningful to the creatives and entrepreneurs around you?

Well, you can. 

The teachings of Overnight Direct Marketing will help you land clients and make enough income to go full-time in a year or less.

Here's What No One Tells You ...

Working full-time as a writer ISN'T a matter of getting a billion clients.

It's not.

It's a matter of getting good ones. Ones that pay well. Ones that love you and want you with them for the life of their business, or at least for a good long while.

You only need a few. Don't believe me? Here's what I made from my three biggest clients last year:


# Projects: 16

Income: $13,500


# Projects: 20

Income: $12,000


# Projects: 8

Income: $10,500

Keep in mind, those are only my three biggest clients ... when you take into account all the other clients (dozens and dozens), not to mention additional streams of income, things can stack up quick.

You might be thinking ... Congrats, but I'll never get there. But let me tell you something, friend: Just two short years ago, I never could have imagined this either. 

And yet, here we are.

Still Unsure? Let's Put It This Way:

Can you really afford NOT to try? Ask yourself, right now, and be honest:

  • Are you happy in your job, or do you spend every lunch break desperately scribbling out your novel while fantasizing about exiling your boss to the Bates Motel?
  • Do you ever daydream about moving to Germany and eating ALL the Berliners? (The donuts, not the people. Please don't eat the people.)
  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to write all day instead of [insert sucky day job here]?
  • Can you even imagine grabbing ahold of the life you've always wanted, working how you want, when you want, from wherever and with whomever you want? 
  • If you could have it ... would you be brave enough to take it?

Look, no one is saying that becoming a full-time writer brings no challenges with it. It does. And not everyone is meant to be a writer, that's true.

But it is my firm and sincere belief that if you have been dreaming of making a living through your words, you're in the right place. I truly do think that if you WANT to write for a living, you SHOULD write for a living.

And with a little help, you can learn to create the type of content people will pay for NOW. Sure, hold on to those novel dreams ... those are good dreams, friend. But in the meantime, why not get paid for one of your best skills? I mean, right?

Enter Overnight Direct Marketing

Is the title too obvious? This doesn't have to take all year, friend. You can learn the not-super-complex-but-definitely-lucrative art of content marketing practically overnight.

Okay, maybe not overnight. That's a little hyperbolic. Although, I don't know, maybe you're the Flash, in which case ... hey Flash! Let's do this!

But in case you're not the Flash (because you aren't), let's just say you'll learn quickly. And in less than a year, you really and truly CAN be writing full time.

For money.

This course gives you foundational skills to sell your work to clients, build long-term relationships, and start landing serious projects through LinkedIn and your website.

Here's a fun thing to explain a bit more:

See? Told you that would be fun! And if that's not enough, here are a few more reasons to learn:

  • Within a year or two, you'll make more money than you're making now ... pretty much guaranteed.
  • You can work from anywhere, including your back porch, that cafe overlooking the lagoon or even Mars. (Okay, not Mars. Clients probably wouldn't appreciate the transmission times. But still, almost anywhere!)
  • You will have way more time to spend with significant others, kiddos, doggies, guilting Jewish moms, the dude at the surf shop, whatever.
  • You can eat an entire pack of Oreos on a Monday afternoon without Shirley in Accounting seeing you. And let's not lie, that's the big one right there.

... I'm sorry, is that not enough reasons? Because it should be. This job is awesome, and you deserve it.

Overnight Direct Marketing is the first course of its kind, taking you through the specific templates needed to create three of the most common types of direct marketing copy – blog posts, email newsletters and ads – as well as find a distinct and marketable voice and build the business of your dreams.

What exactly does the course include?

Good question, savvy consumer!


In addition to getting three templates in the resources, which spell out everything you need to know from “hello” to “goodbye,” you receive training on:

  • Finding your voice (more important than you think)
  • Identifying your audience (but not in a boring way)
  • Nailing a consistent style (using the templates)
  • Adding humor (like, actually FUNNY humor)
  • Setting your services
  • Pitching to clients
  • Deciding what to charge
  • Building your LinkedIn and website presences

... and so much more, including a full interactive workbook, downloads and a PDF of the entire course.

In a series of 13 modules, each of which contains a video, a text section and workbook exercises, you will learn to write MUCH more effective copy, and sell those services to clients for a pretty penny.

Good? Good.

I loved working through Sarah's course. It's actionable and so rich with valuable information. Plus, it's a total hoot to read. Sarah has such a gift at presenting information in a way that's easy to digest while really stretching your writing abilities for the better. I've already improved my craft, and feel so much more confident with clear, specific templates in my arsenal that allow me to create compelling content whenever I want. I highly recommend this course and Sarah's work in general.  

~ Jackie J.  

Wow. If you're looking to learn about copywriting, this is a MUST READ. The content is not only perfectly organized and filled with Sarah's amazing knowledge, but it's also laid out beautifully, filled with prompts that really inspire you to get to work, and comes with the added bonus of Sarah's awesome style and sense of humor. If you put the content of this workbook to work, it will, without a doubt, work for you.  

~ Dani D.  

I absolutely loved this course! Sarah somehow makes dry subjects like finding your voice and identifying your target audience fun by teaching them with humor and hard-hitting exercises. No fluff, just tons of top notch information presented with contagious inspiration. I recommend Overnight Direct Marketing to anyone who wants to take their copywriting to the next level (while having lots of fun in the process).  

~ Patrik E.

Okay, so let's cut the bull, you're thinking.

And I'm right there with you.

You want to know what this couse will REALLY acomplish. Will it actually work? Or will it just be one more piece of e-clutter slowly dying on your hard drive, or skittering across the trash heap of your digital dreams?

First of all, whoa. Calm down. Don't you think that's a little over-dramatic?

Second of all – well, that honestly depends on you. This course is NOT for:

  • Folks who don't yet know how to write.
  • People who love a good magic pill. (I mean, I'm one of those people. But this is not that course.)
  • Creatives who want this life because they're mostly attracted to the not-having-to-get-up-in-the-morning-ness or lunches-out-all-day-every-day-ness. This is not that life, sorry.

This course IS for people who are willing to hustle in exchange for freedom and success, who understand that being self-employed STILL means you're employed and have to work, people who want to live by their pens so badly they'll basically do anything to make it happen.

Okay, not anything illegal. But basically anything.

If that's you ... welcome. I can guarantee that:

Within just a few days, you’ll have a huge arsenal of freelance copywriting strategies that you can put to work right away.

Within just a few weeks, you'll be comfortable with several new styles and formats of writing, all of which are in high demand.

Within several months, you'll start seeing serious income, and ...

Within a year (or less), you will be fully independent, able to work from anywhere, and make a lot of money doing it.

Why do I feel so strongly about these truths? Because as a professional copywriter myself, I’ve taught many creatives to become the PAID writers they were always meant to be, and I KNOW you can do it too. Trust me: you can't possibly be the only one who "can't."

If you believe, it will happen. [Insert Field of Dreams reference here.]

But seriously ... come join the club. You, your wallet, your family, your passport, your awesome beach tan ... none of you will regret it. Promise.

Ahoy, friend! 

I'm Sarah, owner and founder of New Leaf Writing. I've been a professional copywriter and content marketer for more than 6 years and have master’s degrees in both journalism and education. 

I teach clients and other writers how to create not-boring, actually-fun, totally-worth-every-penny content … so now you can stop putting people to sleep and start selling like crazy.

Uh oh, you're thinking, I don't have a master's degree in journalism! Does that mean it won't work for me? 

Deep breaths. Also ... no.

Because here's the interesting thing: Once I graduated, I discovered that no one really cared about my pedigree. Like, at ALL. Bummer, right?

Engaging with clients doesn't mean waving a diploma anymore; it means proving you know your stuff, can spin a good story and can maybe, sometimes, make them laugh.

I wish someone had told me all of this before I went to school and spent a bunch of money on a degree, because the truth is ... it wasn't necessary. I always knew how to write, I just didn't know how to sell myself.

A lot of the people I talk to are in the same boat: talented but underpaid – or just UNpaid – for their writing. Master's degree in creative writing? Seen it. Published short fiction author? Seen it. Well-compensated (but bored) science writer? Seen it. It's all well and good to be able to write, but if you don't like your job, where does it really get you?

I've been there ... with degrees and without, working in banks and working at media startups, struggling through my first few [failed] businesses, and it was a long time before I finally discovered the hard, hard truth. There is no magic pill, but there is a formula for creating content that impresses clients, engages with their audiences and makes you the money, honey.

You can learn that formula, I promise.

And if you're ready, well then, what are we waiting for?

Basic + Expert Course Package 

Feel like you need some foundational work before jumping into the specifics of direct marketing? Fair enough.

The Overnight Copywriting + Overnight Direct Marketing Course Package combines the best of basic copywriting with top-level content marketing instruction, helping you go from zero to full-time copy whiz in just a few months (or weeks).

Plus, when you get both at once, you save $99, which is a pretty sweet deal. That's like, 30 lattes, two organic cotton shirts or one pet ferret. 

When you buy both, you'll receive:

  • Two dozen videos designed to teach you everything you need to know about basic copywriting and direct marketing
  • More than a dozen downloadable resources
  • Several free worksheets to help you write like a pro (and rock at life)
  • Unbeatable advice from yours truly ... ENJOY

This is a fantastic deal for the amount of content you'll get and the seamless transition from the basics of Overnight Copywriting to the more complex and lucrative strategies of Overnight Direct Marketing. If you've ever wanted to launch a writing business and make bank quick, this is for you.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Look, don't believe in no-way-out situations. That doesn't make anyone happy. I mean, I can barely handle a strong mouthwash, so I certainly don't want to be committin' to no course that might not be for me.

I'm assuming you're the same, which is why I offer a full 60 days for you to decide whether you like the material and keep it ... or bow out, no questions asked. But if you're really meant to become a writer, I'm betting you'll agree with many others that this is a fantastic place to start.

So go ahead, lean on the money-back crutch if you must, but don't wait any longer to grab that dream.

I mean, is there anything more to say? Is there anything to do, other than ask yourself:

Isn't it time you stopped waiting?

Isn't it time you got what you've been waiting for all this time ... a job you love, that pays well, where you're the boss?

Isn't it time you stopped living on dreams and started living on real, ass-busting, soul-satisfying work intead?

I think it is. I think it's time to do work you love, for clients you love, in a work environment you love and for a paycheck you can (bare minimum) live with or, more likely, BE SUPER STOKED ABOUT.

All it takes is a little work, and a little help.

Starting ... wait for it ... NOW.

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