Like many hopeful #bookstagrammers ...

You've most likely experienced the pain of working at your feed all day and all night, but never getting anywhere. It sucks, right?

You look around you and it seems like everyone else has figured it out.

So why not you??

Why oh WHY does [insert higher power or entropy or Other Thing You Believe Governs the Universe] punish the good??

Why does it feel like you're the only one who can't figure it out?

... I know, man. I get it. 

But the truth is, #bookstagram is a code. Just like anything else, all you need is the encryption key to be successful. And once you have it, you can change your life.

What if you ...

... could put up a post and know it would get hundreds of likes?

... could rely on your posts getting seen, commented on, saved and shared?

... could eventually make some side money or even a career out of your gram?

Well, you can. 

And I'm here to help you do it.

#Bookstagram Real Talk

Succeeding on #bookstagram (or Instagram in general) isn't a matter of being popular, haivng an unbelievably powerful story to tell or having the perfect white walls.

I mean, sure. Those can help, if that's your thing. But it's not what matters.

No, what matters is passion ... and following a few basic rules. Simple systems that govern:

  • What types of photos you take
  • How to take beautiful photos using the props and backdrops you have on hand
  • How you edit your photos to perfect a theme
  • When you post and what you post about
  • How to caption your photos so they get attention
  • How to tag properly
  • What to do to get your photos shared with the world

Honestly, it's pretty simple once you understand it. And the truth is ...

Can you really afford NOT to try? 

Ask yourself, right now, and be honest:

  • Are you happy with our current rate of success, or do you alternate between wanting to cry and wanting to bodysnatch some other #bookstagrammer and just live in their feed?
  • Do you ever daydream about making Instagram a side gig ... or even a full-time one?
  • Do you wish your life could be filled with all the creativity you crave?
  • Can you even imagine having a set of rules at your disposal that made growth easy?
  • If you could have all of this ... would you be brave enough to take it?

If you said YES, then go you! You've already taken the first step in building an incredible #bookish feed!

Because I'm here ... and I won't let you down. Let's do this thing together.

It's Time to Build and Beautify Your Bookstagram

Look, it doesn't have to happen overnight. But honestly, if you take the time to follow the steps in this course, you'll see growth like you never expected, interact with some of the biggest accounts and eventually reach levels like I have ... of 45K or more.

Don't you want that too?

Good news: For only $47, YOU CAN!


Build and Beautify Your Bookstagram is the first course of its kind, taking you through the specific steps needed to create a bookstagram account that not only wows, grows and converts - it fills you with satisfaction each and every day.

What Will You Get in This Course?

Good question, savvy consumer!


  • Step-by-step instructions on creating a unique style, including colors, backdrops, props and accessories
  • A full photography system, including instructions for lighting, location and batching
  • Editing tips to help you create a system for filters, adjustments and theme planning
  • Exact strategies for posting, responding to comments and interacting with other feeds
  • Expert tips on how to land sponsorships, get free review copies and partner with awesome brands
  • A commitment device that will keep you going
  • Worksheets to help you learn every skill and keep you motivated
  • A full #bookstagram spreadsheet to track your tags, photo ideas, reading list, partnerships and more! (Worth the price of the course right there!)

Sounds pretty darn good, right?


I loved working through Sarah's course. It's actionable and so rich with valuable information. Plus, it's a total hoot to read. Sarah has such a gift at presenting information in a way that's easy to digest while really stretching your writing abilities for the better. I've already improved my craft, and feel so much more confident with clear, specific templates in my arsenal that allow me to create compelling content whenever I want. I highly recommend this course and Sarah's work in general.  

~ Jackie J.  

The content is not only perfectly organized and filled with Sarah's amazing knowledge, but it's also laid out beautifully, filled with information that really inspires you to get to work, and comes with the added bonus of Sarah's awesome style and sense of humor. 

~ Dani D.  


Okay, so let's cut the bull, you're thinking.

And I'm right there with you.

You want to know what this couse will REALLY acomplish. Will it actually work? Or will it just be one more piece of e-clutter slowly dying on your hard drive, or skittering across the trash heap of your digital dreams?

First of all, whoa. Calm down. Don't you think that's a little over-dramatic?

Second of all – well, that honestly depends on you. This course is NOT for:

  • People who don't spend time on Instagram
  • People who love a good magic pill (I mean, I'm one of those people, but this is not that course)
  • Creatives who want a #bookstagram feed just because it seems "cool"
  • People who don't read or listen to audiobooks


This course is for people who are willing to hustle, who will put time and energy into crafting a theme and making their feed beautiful. It's for people who genuinely love literature and want to share that love with the world.

It's for people who want an awesome #bookish feed so badly they'll basically do anything to make it happen.

Okay, not anything illegal. But basically anything.

If that's you ... welcome.

So just who am I to give advice?

I'm Sarah @newleafwriter, is who I am. I started my #bookstagram account more than 3 years ago as a way to connect with other creatives and writers, but soon discovered that I loved books more than anything else.

Today, I work with brands and publishers to share my literary love with the world. I've been featured in publications like Bustle and have provided photography to major brands, in addition to promoting both traditionally published and indie books to my following.

I'm also the owner and founder of New Leaf Writing. I've been a professional copywriter and content marketer for more than 7 years and have master’s degrees in both journalism and education. During the day, I write for entrepreneurs and savvy business owners. By night, I'm an aspiring fiction novelist.

My greatest passion, though? Books, books and always books. Now I want to bring that passion - and the success that comes with 45K - to you. It's time for you to shine!

So don't wait any longer ...


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Look, don't believe in no-way-out situations. That doesn't make anyone happy. I mean, I can barely handle a strong mouthwash, so I certainly don't want to be committin' to no course that might not be for me.

I'm assuming you're the same, which is why I offer a full 30 days for you to decide whether you like the material and keep it ... or bow out, no questions asked. But if you're really meant to become a writer, I'm betting you'll agree with many others that this is a fantastic place to start.

So go ahead, lean on the money-back crutch if you must, but don't wait any longer to grab that dream.

There's nothing more to say. There's nothing more to do other than ask yourself:

  • Isn't it time you stopped waiting?
  • Isn't it time you got what you want ... a beautiful #bookstagram feed of which you can be proud?
  • Isn't it time you stopped living on dreams and started living on real, soul-satisfying work intead?

I think it is. All it takes is a little work, and a little help.

Starting ... wait for it ... NOW.

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